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Zombie Love

By Jaime Hobbes, staff writer

I am falling for the zombie genre. I only started reading zombie novels last year, and I have devoured them. I also recently began watching The Walking Dead, and this has only increased my desire for everything zombie. What I like is a firm plot (not just blood and gore), strong characters, and a well-told tale. I have decided to pick three to share with you. Each is unique, each has something that stands out.

The Gathering Dead by Stephen Knight was the first zombie novel I read. Wow! Great introduction to the zombie world. This is a military vs. zombie set-up and is set in New York City. The story follows a group of special forces guys trying to get a scientist to safety because he has developed a vaccine to prevent those bitten from turning. This book is non-stop action, with vivid characters and just the right amount of zombie gore. What is unique about this novel is that the zombies retain some of their knowledge from before. For example, a soldier is turned into a zombie and still remembers how to use his gun and drive a car. Whoa, run fast!!

Another entertaining zombie novel I read recently was Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo. This is the typical zombie apocalypse story, but something about it stands out. The reader follows the Talbot family and their own personal story during the first few days of the zombie outbreak. The characters are very well-developed and for a reader that is vital to a story. What stood out about this novel was the characters. Instead of following many different story-lines, the reader is pulled into the Talbot family. The reader roots for the family and hopes they can all make it through the zombie apocalypse.

Finally, I have to give a shout to Armand Rosamilia, who has written several excellent zombie novels. The Dying Days series is a gripping read with a strong female lead which you don’t see often in this genre. Miami Spy Games: Russian Zombie Gun is a very unique tale of zombies. This novel mixes military, spies, and zombies, but the cause of the zombie outbreak is what gives this tale its uniqueness. The Russians have created a gun that can turn people into zombie-like beings. There is no fear of a virus, but these zombies will still eat you. This novel also has strong female characters.

I highly recommend all three of these authors who each have several novels in the zombie genre. I hope you enjoy their tales as much as I do!

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